Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT)

Default CAT Settings

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INSTRUCTIONS: Please respond to all questions by clicking on the appropriate button. Answers will submit automatically and take you to the next question.

You may use the SKIP button if you prefer not to answer or question or if it is not applicable.

You may use the BACK button to retrace your steps and change a previous answer. (Due to the nature of adaptive testing, note that changing a previous answer may in turn modify the list of questions you are asked later.

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CAT Settings

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CAT Report ()


The respondent's T-score is:

Standard Error

Items Administered

The items administered by the CAT Instrument and the respondent's associated answers are provided below. Questions are presented in the order in which they were administered.

Note: If fewer than items are listed, the CAT achieved a precise score (standard error below ) with fewer questions. If a question has no answer, the respondent elected to skip that question.

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